About Locally Brilliant!

Our mission is to support vibrant and sustainable local economies
We do that by providing locally owned independent businesses with the latest technology, tools and training to survive and thrive in today’s interconnected world.
Hi There!

We’re Andy & Val, a husband & wife team that’s been building software, providing technology training and supporting industrial and local business clients for over ten years.

This is a new project for us. We recently combined some of our existing services with a new training and membership site to create Locally Brilliant!. When we travel, we always seek out the sites, shops and food that makes a place unique. Our focus now is helping those paces we love, shine online.

We want you to get more from your existing website and digital marketing. We want to save you from costly mistakes and get you in front of more people. If you want to take your online efforts to the next level , we want to help you.



We have a very particular set of skills *

With our combined backgrounds in technology training, computer programming, online marketing and the airline industry, we have, let’s just say, “a very particular set of skills”.

Skills we have acquired over multiple careers.

If you want to keep struggling with technology, we won’t look for you. We won’t pursue you and that will be the end of it.

If you want more leads & more customers, then we can help you find them, impress them and keep them coming back.
If you’re overwhelmed and want to be able to keep and grow your business without going crazy and working 24/7, we can help with that too.
There are many techonology solutions to streamline your operations and give you back your time and your sanity.

Thanks for stopping by,

Andy & Val (heading up the Locally Brilliant! team)

* Don’t get ‘taken’. Let us help you today.

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